[tech-coops] CoTech CoBudgeting trial run

Brian Spurling brian at outlandish.com
Wed Feb 1 18:22:28 GMT 2017

Hi Cooperative Technologists,

After the retreat in November a working group was kicked off to explore the
concept of CoTech-wide CoBudgeting.

We are about to attempt a trial run, in which we hope to involve as many
coops as possible. We are going to CoBudget a bar tab for the CoTech social
<https://www.loomio.org/d/PvQJqtK2/open-2017-platform-cooperatives> on the
16th February at Open:2017 <https://2017.open.coop/> 🍾  🍻  ☕

If you would like to be involved in the trial, read on. If you have no wish
to fund a bar tab but still have an interest in the CoBudgeting trial,
that's fine - you can just observe, if you wish.

*But please get involved either way! This will be a useless trial if we
don't get lots of feedback out of it.*

*The plan is as follows:*

We have created a *Cooperative Technologists* CoBudget group, here:
cobudget.co/#/groups/603 (log in required)

A note on terminology: The CoBudget platform has *groups* (Cooperative
Technologists), which in turn have *funders* (Outlandish, Go Free Range,
etc). A funder has *funds *(£, even though the icon in the app is $), which
they can allocate to *buckets *(project pitches). A bucket is first created
for "discussion and design", before being opened up for funding.

*Getting you set up on CoBudget*

   - We are creating *one CoBudget account per coop*, so the thing to do *right
   now*, is email or Slack me or Chris an appropriate email address (e.g.
   team+cobudget at outlandish.com) so we can add you.
   - Log in and change your profile name to the name of your coop.
   - Everybody will start with £0 funds.

*Funding the trial bucket*

   - There is one bucket ready-and-waiting for you: *TRIAL RUN: fund a bar
   tab for the CoTech social at Open:2017*
   - Because this is a trial run, you won't have any funds. So...
      - Post a comment in the bucket's discussion stating how much your
      coop would like contribute
      - Chris or I will add that amount to your funding pot
   - You can then allocate your funds to the bucket

*When the bucket is fully-funded*

   - Go Free Range is the project owner, so they will be responsible for
   collecting the actual money from each coop.
   - They will also be responsible for managing and paying the tab on the


   - If there's money left over, we can have an interesting chat about what
   to do in this scenario
   - Then we'll gather feedback and lessons-learned, and decide on next
   steps - probably moving towards a more formal Loomio proposal.

Any questions about any of this, probably easiest to jump on Slack
<https://tech-coops.slack.com/archives/cobudgeting-wg> and ask there.

Happy CoBudgeting!
Brian, Chris and the CoBudgeting Working Group

P.S. We've come up with this plan based on a very useful conversation with
some CoBudget experts from Enspiral. If you want the backstory, check out
the Slack channel <https://tech-coops.slack.com/archives/cobudgeting-wg>.

P.P.S.  We hope you will agree, this trial run is fairly low key and not,
we think, worthy of a formal proposal. It's more about testing the
logistics, hence why we're keeping this out of Loomio. If anybody strongly
opposes this trial run, you are welcome to simply not participate (and,
please, share your concerns in the Slack channel
<https://tech-coops.slack.com/archives/cobudgeting-wg> so we can
incorporate them into the eventual proposal).

Brian Spurling

We are hiring:

http://outlandish.com | brian at outlandish.com | 02075619968 | 07706997049
3rd Floor, 149 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, N4 3HF
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