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Ronan McNern ronan.mcnern at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 04:33:32 GMT 2012

Hi folks,

I'm doing the PR & Marketing for *Occupation Records,* *the record label
formed by people involved with Occupy London to help spread the message of
Occupy and support the Occupy movement around the world*. Apologies if
haven't spoken in a little while - I've been somewhat occupied...

We are currently *in the middle of **a crowd- <http://goog_495087221/>funding
raise start up costs to get this label off to a flying start, so that we
can really benefit the Occupy movement worldwide*. As many of the camp's no
longer physically exist and as we move towards the next phase for Occupy,
which will see people take to the streets across the world in May,
initiatives like this offer a real means for people to donate to the
movement whilst also getting some great music and more for their donation.

We have some artists due to put down some good amounts, *but right now we
need your help* - *so if you can help us by spreading this word far and/or
donating. **Plus we've sorted some great rewards and endorsements including
signed "V" **masks by Alan Moore (V for Vendetta writer), signed prints
from Jamie Reid of Sex Pistols' fame, albums, T-shirts and more*.

*What can you do?*

   - *Help spread the word - Our website
   *; Find us on Facebook
   *); And on Twitter

   - *Donate - Our crowd-funding project on Sponsume.com - **

   - *Know anyone in the industry that might want to help? Please put them
   in touch.*

Already the label is making an impact. We've been laying the foundations
for our first benefit album which will be Folk the Banks with some great
artists Ani DiFranco, Tom Morello, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Billy Bragg
and Chumbawumba, with artwork by Jamie Reid, the artist behind the Sex
Pistols' artwork, as well as getting ethical sourced merchandise ready,
gigs lined up and preparing for official launch! Our public decision to not
use iTunes and Amazon has been picked up by industry
we've received support from folks in the industry for initiating this
fight. Alongside other occupiers, we created the School of Rockupy which
brought Kate Nash <http://www.myignorantyouth.com/occupy/> together with 30
kids to create a song in a day with a message using Occupy consensus
decision making processes focusing them on critical thinking - song and
video coming out this week. Plus other albums are in the pipeline ;)

The aim with Occupation records is to enable more people to hear about the
Occupy movement for social and economic justice, to enable the music
industry to get involved, to inspire people, and to help fund sustainably
the future of the movement around the world. All profits will be divided
between Occupy London (25%), occupations across the UK and Ireland (25%)
and a global fund for the Occupy movement and aligned causes.

Any help greatly appreciated. Please forgive for any cross posting. Want to
get this out to as many people as possible. For any questions, we've
created a Q&A at http://occupationrecords.com/faq.php and happy to hear any
more at info at occupationrecords.com.

Ro x
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