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Some good links there Nick. I felt that it was pretty much clear at the
last meeting that the name can be up for discussion when we've
informed/consulted the wider community and preparation for the public
meeting is the primary focus of the group now.

On 22 July 2014 14:39, Nick Roscoe <nick at nickroscoe.com> wrote:

> Hi Laura and All
> I still want to come to this on 24th - let me now where it ends up being.
>   Kaktus are you coming to this?
> Not many people came to the last meeting, which is a worry, as with only
> about ten people you don't really know if the decisions of the meeting are
> that representative.  With this in mind, and in light of a suggestion Cate
> McDonald made to me that we are a 'self selected group' I think it is
> essential to focus on promoting this meeting for a wide attendance, and to
> use the meeting to accurately record the sentiments of the local community,
> as there is no guarantee any council led 'public consultation' will succeed
> in doing this.
> I think Cate was perfectly entitled to make that point, but the question
> that it begs is, what are the primary concerns of the local community? - in
> terms of users of the Park, obvious stakeholder organisations and in
> particular the residents of Brook Road directly facing onto the building.
> A friends group with lots of members signed up can be a powerful
> representative of public sentiment, provided there are strong aims and
> objectives, but even now I think there is too much potential in them for
> pavilion users to be played off against those whose main concern is that
> Meersbrook Hall and chunks of Meersbrook Park.
> So I think the shape of any questionnaire at the Sept meeting or otherwise
> is very important.  We need a record of the concerns and priorites of local
> residents and groups.
> Note that our working name was almost agreed as 'Friends of Meersbrook
> Hall' at the last meeting, but 'and Pavilion' was added for the time being
> to attract pavilion users to the public meeting.  Ultimately we need robust
> and unified objectives which will be attractive to funders and they are
> primarily the HLF, Big Lottery and Locality related projects  (see this -
> just announced -http://locality.org.uk/projects/power-change/)
> re legal structure, a discussion of that needs to keep an eye on these
> pots of money. I have lots of thoughts but can't do 4th Aug, any chance of
> early next week instead?  Though all we can really do is outline options
> which a management committee should be able to decide on.
> On the subject of HLF - this building is listed and has plenty of
> interesting history around it and the park.  The connection with Ruskin is
> important and adds to the historical weight of our project.   It is a big
> mistake to pit 'saving an old building' against securing community
> resources.  The building is not under threat, but also it is not just an
> 'old building'.   It is an important listed building with interesting
> history and a legacy as a community asset wrapped up into it.   As someone
> who has tried to save non listed old buildings I know only too well that
> the listed status and historical aspects will be key to a proposal for this
> building can be reclaimed AS a community resource.  That's where a lot of
> the money is which could kickstart this project.  Moreover HLF are
> currently making a thing about parks as public assets and the threat they
> face from cash starved local councils - this can only be a good thing as
> far as funding from them is concerned.
> http://www.hlf.org.uk/news/Pages/StateUKParks.aspx
> Nick
> On 20 July 2014 21:53, Laura Holmes <laura at b4wd.org.uk> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Can I just check who is planning to come to the working group meeting on
>> 24th July? I know a lot of people now have other commitments.
>> Just a reminder that the proposed agenda is up on the forum at
>> http://meersbrook.technologikal.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=18 - please
>> shout up if you are having difficulty accessing this.
>> Helen - have you been able to book the Pavilion? Will need to make sure
>> someone with a key is coming or make arrangements to get access.
>> Thanks,
>> Laura.
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