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Helen Turner helenturner5 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 10:53:18 GMT 2014

Hi just wanted to add to the skills audit and out my connections.
I have in the past been Chair of Heeley Credit Union, a Director of MPUT, on the board of WEA Heeley Health and Environment Branch and been Coordinator for Meerbrook Playcentre for 9 years.
I have led many successful funding bids.
I am trained in Community Development and was involved in setting up Meersbrook Park After School Club in 1995.
I used to represent MPUT at Park User Forum. so made connections with other "park friends" groups.
I've been around a while so know many local people, some who currently work in Meersbrook Hall, obviously local parents who use our Club, have close ties with Carfield and Meersbrook Bank schools and meet many local dog owners in Meersbrook Park on a daily basis.
I have had past dealings with other staff who still work in Meersbrook Hall.
I have links with Community Buildings Team who are the landlords of the Pavilion.
I know a few of the Bowling Club notably Dave and Margaret.
I am a volunteer at Bishops House.
I have an allotment on Norton Lees site up the side of the park.
Last but not least, I am currently Coordinator of Meersbrook Park After School Club and PlayPod mentor.
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