[meersbrook-house] re restrictive covenant

Joyce M Bullivant 1duckweed at live.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 10:10:11 GMT 2014

Does anyone know who put on these restrictions? Was it there when they bought Meersbrook Hall as part of park or when Ruskin made it into a museum? If Ruskin it is fairly easy to show what his intent was as plenty of letters etc. Basically it is about Art and education. He also was great fan of music.  He wanted it to be a resource centre for Artists and crafts people. He wanted a Library and was also interested in natural history. There is big Ruskin celebration coming up next year with some events this Autumn. I have written to St George's Guild organisers to see what they have in their archives re the transfer from Walkley to Meersbrook. 
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