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Anthony Ashton info at technologikal.com
Wed Jul 9 01:48:12 GMT 2014

Hi all.

So an email list is a good start but I think it's quickly devolved into not
being able to find information easily. People quoting other people quoting
other people ends up with big emails to wade through for the correct

I'm quite passionate about getting ourselves organised and one of my own
skills is in IT, so, I've put a bit of work in over the last few days in
setting a forum up. It's a little rough and obviously without consent or
direction from the group it only has what i think we need right now so
feedback is quite welcome. I'll bring this up at the meeting later today
anyway and see what the wider group thinks.

As is for now the only content I've got up is the past minutes from all
meetings and recommendations form the Public meeting working group.. Please
have a look and see what you think


Kind regards
Anthony Ashton

Office - (0114) 383 0114
Mobile - (07738) 150 322
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