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Nick Roscoe nick at nickroscoe.com
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Hi David/Anthony

I'd been drafting something following your first lot of notes David -
 thanks for those, sorry for the delay responding (kids+other commitments).
  Hopefully something of use here:

*Public Meeting 30th September 7.30pm, St Paul's Church, Lees Lane *
*The future of Meersbrook Hall and Pavilion*

The Friends of Meersbrook Hall and Pavillion recently formed following
concerns over the future of these buildings.  Sheffield City Council is
planning to move Parks Dept out of Meersbrook Hall (at the top of Brook
Road), relocating to Moorfoot.  The sale of Meersbrook Hall is one option
the council is considering in the face of cuts.

The building has a restrictive covenant stating it should be put to
community use -  for many years it was the Ruskin Museum. Many of us feel
that before the council tries to sell the building, community groups should
be given an opportunity to raise funds which are available through
Government grants to see if community tenancy or ownership is a viable
option.   Meersbrook Hall is an important part of the history and character
of Meersbrook Park (the Park and Hall are both Grade II Listed).  There are
concerns about whether the council can be right to sell off a public asset
like this, and the impact any sale (and exit of Parks Dept) might go on to
have on the rest of the park.

The Pavilion is very dated and in a poor state of repair - the children's
groups (and our children) deserve better.  These children's groups could
relocate to the Hall and be the first stakeholders in a project that keeps
Meersbrook Hall at the heart of our community.

Our group is in its early days and so far a steering group has focused on
arranging this public meeting.  Please come with your thoughts and ideas
and please spread the word.    Everyone is welcome,  this is an important
issue and we need to demonstrate the community's response to the council's
plans, before hopefully beginning to work together with the council on a

Attached is the best photo I have, not brilliant, but the rainbow is nice!

On 30 August 2014 20:33, David Garlovsky <david at solar-active.com> wrote:

> Dear All
> Anthony and I met today and reviewed and agreed on content of leaflet and
> poster. I attach and will also upload to Forum.
> If you have any revisions or any additions please contact summit a.s.a.p.
> Anthony will now create the design ready for 2nd September SG meeting.
> David
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