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Joyce M Bullivant 1duckweed at live.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 08:17:51 GMT 2014

You can't have a public meeting if you don't publicise it. 
You can't make sure you are reaching a wide base of people without putting publicity around. No one as far as I know is suggesting we hold a press conferences with the BBC, but if we did get someone from Active 8 Star etc, we need to have someone who can speak to them who can keep things simple and non-confrontational. We need all publicity to be well thought out and not something we can be criticised for as elitist or secretive.  
Re leafleting I have monitored  a great many events as to how people got their information to come and found a leaflet was very far down the list. Putting posters in local pubs, shops, cafes, churches, community centres and playgroups had more impact. Where leafleting did work was through the schools. A very high proportion of Park users are connected to the schools one way or another.
I do not think putting a simple statement in a Parish magazine and local newsletter is extreme. While we are arguing about this we are missing deadlines and in danger of not reaching a representative audience and possible members of the exec committee when it is formed. Time is moving on. 
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