[Bins] inserting into existing album?

Laszlo Ladanyi ladanyi at gmail.com
Tue May 2 02:13:42 BST 2006


I'm running bins-1.1.29 and I have a question:

To run bins on my pictures (about 2500 hires pics...) takes rather
long :-( even though I usually just add pictures in a single subalbum.

Would it be possible to add an argument to bins to indicate where is
the root of the album tree and in that tree where bins should insert
the newly processed directory? That way only the new dir would have to
be processed and the index files would need to be updated u to the
root of the album. Things would go significantly faster. Unfortunately
I don't know perl :-( so I can't submit a patch.

I did write half of the code in gawk and shell script (the half that
processes the new dir using bins then munges all html files in the new
album dir to pretend they were created as part of the whole album. I
still need to write the half that munges the index and tree files up
to the root. However, this is a rather painful way of dealing with the
issue :-). It'd be much nicer to just to specify an extra argument...


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