[Bins] some problems

Philippe Monlong philippe at altiscene.fr
Sun Mar 12 09:49:31 GMT 2006

hello all

Bins is a nice tool but :

- as I don't need exif information and so on, how can I tell bins to 
avoid generating the picture.xml file in source directory (which will 
also make my Biiiiig source dir not Biiigggerr :) )

- when using joi templates I get a non blocking exception message for 
each image file :

  Image whatever_image_it_is
Exception 435: unable to open image `*': Aucun fichier ou repertoire de 
ce type at /usr/bin/bins line 3167.

   my commandline is :

#bins -v 1 -f /etc/bins/binsrc -o custom -d never -c blue -s joi -t 
/etc/bins test_photo/ www/album/

I am using bins 1.1.27-2 from Debian Sarge stable sources

thanks for your help

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