[Bins] Broken links to album sample images

Michal Kochanowicz michal at michal.waw.pl
Mon Jun 20 11:01:38 BST 2005


I've strange problem with bins on one system (Debian 3.0) and can't find
a resolution.

I've following structure of directories:
mkochano at wartburg:~/galeria_devel/images$ find
./02_Zdjecia Inne
./02_Zdjecia Inne/IMG_6209_DĹź.jpg
./02_Zdjecia Inne/IMG_6209_DĹź.jpg.xml
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/IMG_6208_DĹź.jpg
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/IMG_6207_DĹź.jpg.xml
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/IMG_6208_DĹź.jpg.xml
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/album.xml
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/IMG_6207_D.jpg
./01_Zdjęcia z wakacji/IMG_6207_D.jpg.xml
mkochano at wartburg:~/galeria_devel/images$

I also have a file "album.xml" (attached) placed in "/01_Zdjęcia z
wakacji". bins generates incorrect links to album thumbnails, while at
same time generates correct links to these subalbums. Take a look
(entire index.html attached):


Note that "ę" (polish "e with a tail") is encoded differently in HREF to
subdirectory (works well) and in SRC of image (doesn't work). This seems
to be a bug...?

What's strange, such problem not exist on another machine with other
distro (PLD) and with exactly same album and locale settings. Do you
have any idea what's wrong?


PS. If I remove "album.xml" file and let the bins choose the album
thumbnail it creates correct links.

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