[Bins] Buglet: Regeneration of album images when XML file changed

Matthias Hanisch mjh at vr-web.de
Tue Apr 29 00:39:05 BST 2003


Last weekend I gave BINS a try. It looks very promising and simple to use, if 
you managed to install it (I had some problems with some combination of perl 
modules :). The results are neat, it does exactly what I want, I really like 

I just wanted to let you know about a slight problem with the regeneration of 
the album images.

For better explanantion, I would like to describe the steps to face this 

1. Generate the album as usual with bins <srcdir> <albumdir>
2. After looking at the album, discover, that one image has to be rotated.
3. Call bins-edit-gui on the image, rotate left and save.
4. Regenerate the album, the image is not generated again, and stays with the 
wrong orientation.

I'm not a Perl programmer at all, but after some quick look on the code, I 
would suggest to introduce an additional test in subfunction 
writeScaledVersion(), something like:

"If the corresponding XML file is newer than the generated album image, then 
do a regeneration, too, because it could contain orientation changes."

I also implemented a fix, it works, but is too ugly to publish (see above for 
the reason :). The additional if condition is straightforward. Neverless, I 
can make it available on request. You have been warned.

As I said, I use BINS since yesterday, so if I overlooked something, I 



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