[Bins] 1.1.21 released

Jérôme SAUTRET jerome at sautret.org
Sun Apr 6 23:53:43 BST 2003

Hi all,

BINS 1.1.21 is out.

Here is the entry of the ChangeLog :

BINS 1.1.21

- PNG images can now be used directly in the album (even if then are
still renamed to .jpg...).

- File timestamps are now preserved when they are copied in the gallery.

- bins_cleanupgallery script has been added. Use it to remove any unused
file in your HTML galleries. Run it without argument for usage
information. Note that this script is still experimental, so if it
performs wrong, just re-run bins to recreate erased files.
This program was written by Jochen Schaeuble <psionic @ psionic.de>.
- default templates has been updated as follow : 

  * link element was added in default templates to enable Mozilla's link
  prefetching feature and site navigation toolbar.
  Patch from Chris Croome.

  * a width problem was corrected in the "In this album" column and
  the overall display now uses 90% of the screen.
  Patch from Migrec.

  * imagePageCycling option now works in default templates.
  Bug reported by Migrec.

- joi templates have been updated by Joachim Kohlhammer as follow :

  * the full width of the browserwindow is used; the width of the
    navigationbar is set to a fixed width

  * more colors and mouse-over-highlights

  * usage of custom stylesheets per subalbum (config option
    customStyleSheet, works like the backgroundImage-option)

  * initial support for video, the number of media files is displayed
    along with the number of images and subalbums

  * the Mozilla next/previous-buttons-navigation-collapse-bug is

  Note there are still some known problems with this version of the
  joi templates :
  * Konqueror displays the lower info-popup wrong
  * Opera has problems with all (?) mouseover-popups

- A mailing-list about BINS has been set up, thanks to Chris Croome.
See http://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/bins for information.

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