[Bins] joi-templates

Joachim Kohlhammer joachim.kohlhammer at t-online.de
Sat Apr 5 17:51:57 BST 2003

Hi all,

after a very long time I was able to create a new package of my
templates. The following things changed:
- the full width of the browserwindow is used; the width of the
  navigationbar is set to a fixed width
- more colors and mouse-over-highlights
- usage of custom stylesheets per subalbum (config option
  customStyleSheet, works like the backgroundImage-option)
- initial support for XLinks, the number of media files is displayed
  along with the number of images and subalbums
- the Mozilla next/previous-buttons-navigation-collapse-bug is

Did I forget something? I hope not, it was a long time since my
last release...

There are also some known bugs:
- Konqueror displays the lower info-popup wrong
- Opera has problems with all (?) mouseover-popups

The package is available from
It includes all templates, the static files and a modified bins
(based on 1.1.20).
For the moment I can live with the given bugs. If nobody finds a
big stopper, I would like them to be included in the next release
of bins. Jérôme, what do you think?


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