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Brian Spurling brian at outlandish.com
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On Thursday morning, those of us left summarised the tools we'd created and
the actions we're taking away with us. I've tried to bring it all together

The most important take-aways are to pull more people into the network's
channels (your other members and coops who couldn't make the event), and to
get involved with whichever of the four functions (Collaborating,
CoBudgeting, Skill Sharing, Outreach) you are interested in. See below.

*Tools and Resources *- *this is on the HackPad too*

   - HackPad <https://hackpad.com/Minutes-From-the-MegaZord-Ewu8wwLTXC4> -
   for recording the minutes from the first retreat
   - Wiki <http://wiki.coops.tech> - for collating information about the
   network: wiki.coops.tech
   - Loomio <http://www.loomio.org/digital-co-ops> - for discussing and
   making decisions: www.loomio.org/digital-co-ops (ask on Slack to be
   - Slack <http://tech-coops.slack.com> - for instant messaging across the
   network: tech-coops.slack.com (if you can't join, email me and I'll add
   - Mailing List <https://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/tech-coops>
   - for email comms (as an alternative to Slack):
   tech-coops at email-lists.org
   <https://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/tech-coops>. You should
   have received an invite.
   - Google Calendar - for sharing key network events NOT YET SET UP [??]
   - Website - for marketing to our customers NOT YET SET UP [Outlandish]
   - Including an internally-facing tool to match coops to services/skills
   - GitBook - for documenting our manifesto/rules/etc: NOT YET SET UP


*This list is not intended to be exhaustive or restrictive. If there's
something you want to do, just do it! Use Slack to let people know what
you're working on.*

*Expanding the Network*

   - Ask your other members to join the Slack channel
   <http://tech-coops.slack.com>, the email list
   <https://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/tech-coops>, and share
   with them the HackPad
   <https://hackpad.com/Minutes-From-the-MegaZord-Ewu8wwLTXC4> and Wiki
   <http://wiki.coops.tech> *[ALL]*
   - Try to connect with at least one other Tech Coop who couldn't make the
   event - share the HackPad
   <https://hackpad.com/Minutes-From-the-MegaZord-Ewu8wwLTXC4>, get them up
   to speed *[ALL]*
   - There are a few people from the Enspiral network interested in what
   we're doing or maybe able to help out - *Kate* will make the appropriate

*Function 1: Collaboration*

   - Create a new business channel on Slack *[Mateus - Outlandish]*
   - Collate all Coop's skills on Wiki *[ALL]*
   - Just start doing it *[ALL!]*

*Function 2: CoBudgeting*

   - Open up the Outlandish CoBudget *[Brian - Outlandish]*
   - Kick off a working group to push on with CoBudgeting *[ALL]* (there's
   a slack channel)

*Function 3: Skills Sharing*

   - Set up slack channel and start conversation *[Mark]*
   - Set up a calendar to capture skill sharing events *[Mark]*

*Function 4: Outreach*

   - Create wiki entry for internship programme *[Jack & Dan]*
   - Coop Dev learning package - AltGen / Founders & Coders *[Constance]*


   - Write up a first draft of a "manifesto" (values, purpose, etc)
   - Create a public-facing website and "map" coops to skills *[Outlandish]*

*The Next Event*

   - Take the lead on organising - form a committee *[Ed]*


   - *[ALL] *Please complete the minutes on the HackPad
   <https://hackpad.com/Minutes-From-the-MegaZord-Ewu8wwLTXC4>. We're
   missing minutes for:
      - "The nature and mode of producing free software" [??]
      - The Outreach sub group [Jack? Esther? Kayleigh?]
      - Naming the Network [Joaquim?]
      - Organising the next retreat [Kayleigh?]

Brian Spurling

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