[ptx] workflow - hugin->nona->enblend -- Me too

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Sun Jun 20 15:47:13 BST 2004

Hey, i'm new to hugin and enblend... and i faced the same
problem as Mike Runge[1]

Not to say i tried to extract all layers from hugin output to
single TIFF files with the GIMP, but i gave up quite fast. I
knew it would be faster to patch enblend thaan workarounding
this by hand.

So here is a patch against enblend 1.3 that should bring us
multi layered TIFF support (as done in hugin) in enblend. It's
not a definitive patch (far from it), but i'd like to have
feedback from users we were already using it to see if my
patch doesn't introduce regressions. I'd like to have feedback
from hugin users too, to see if it works fine for them.

The patch is available there:

To apply it, cd into the enblend source dir and then:
patch -p1 < ${where the patch is}/multi-layered-tiff.diff

enblend usage:
enblend -o final.tif multi-layered-hugin.tif

I'll look for feedback in this thread for one week or two
weeks then i'll unsubscribe (because i'm subscribed in too
many lists, and it's hard to manage). If you read this post
after this delay, you can write to me directly, please add a
[ENBLEND] subject prefix so my email filters don't send your
email to /dev/null.


[1] http://www.email-lists.org/pipermail/ptx/2004-June/001733.html

Edouard Gomez

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