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*ADBUSTERS TACTICAL BRIEFING #26: Anarchic Swarms – The Emerging Model*

Hey you wild cats, dreamers, redeemers, horizontals,

The stage is set for a climactic showdown in Chicago.

The crisis of capitalism is deepening. Youth unemployment has reached 50%
in Spain and Greece… 30% in Portugal and Italy… 22% in the UK… almost 20%
in the US. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are waking up to
the fact that their future does not compute… that their lives will be a
never ending series of ecological, financial, political and personal
crises… and that if we don’t rise up and start fighting for a different
kind of future, we won’t have a future.

That struggle ignites again May 1.

be the focal point of this global spiritual insurrection… 50,000 of us
will converge on the windy city and confront the G8 and NATO leaders with
an ultimatum. We will set up impromptu encampments throughout the city and
wage a full-spectrum memewar backed up by new tactics of anarchic swarming.
Our militant in-your-face nonviolence will inspire thousands of towns,
cities and campuses around the world to rise up in solidarity just like
they did last October.

This is a worldwide, multi-front mutiny against the way our economic and
military leaders are running the world.

On the *CULTURAL FRONT* we confront the corpo-commercial lie machine – we
shift the way information flows and meaning is produced. We train a new
breed of livestreamers, citizen journos and p2p visionaries and unleash
them in the streets to be the eyes of the world during the month of May.

On the *ENVIRONMENTAL FRONT* we demand the G8 reach consensus on
drastically reducing their carbon footprints and immediately ratifying a
binding international accord on climate change.

On the *ECONOMIC FRONT* we throw our movement’s weight behind one simple
demand: the implementation of a 1% Robin Hood Tax
<http://robinhoodtax.org/>on all financial transactions and currency

On the *GEOPOLITICAL FRONT* we tell Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Putin, Merkel,
Noda, Monti, Harper and the NATO military leaders to stop the warmongering
and start fighting for peace. We block the looming Iran war with a
preemptive global initiative that just about everyone in the world can get
behind: a nuclear-free world starting with a nuclear-free Middle East that
includes both Israel and Iran.

On the *PERSONAL FRONT*, hundreds of millions of us vow to live the month
of May without dead time… to experience joyous camaraderie… to open
ourselves to an imminent life changing epiphany. We follow Miles Davis’
advice on how to play jazz: be spontaneously alive and “play what’s not

Occupy has taught us all. It innovates, fractures, grows resilient and more
diverse. In this spirit we celebrate the Gandhian ferocity of the Zuccottis
who launched this movement with their magical assemblies and nonviolent
ways … we extol the growing crop of working groups with their desire for a
positive program of social and political change. And on the wild side we
honor those in Oakland who have lost their fear against all odds. With this
rainbow coalition, we hold our heads high and embrace the heady days of

Jammers pack your tents, phone your friends, get your affinity groups
together and prepare to put your ass on the line for a worldwide people’s
uprising starting May 1.

for the wild,
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