[OccupySheffield] Call Out to Move Camp

Dave Havard deacondave777 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 08:21:36 GMT 2012

Hi all,

It was agreed at last night's GA to move all camp equipment to the Citadel
beginning now and before Sunday night.  We are asking everyone to help with
this as they are able.  Cars and vans are especially needed.  There will be
a discussion at Friday's GA about the logistics of this.  Anyone who has
items they need to retrieve from the camp should please do so as soon as
possible or collect them later from the citadel.

There has been a proposal to move the big tent to the roof of Bank St.
Arts.  This has yet to be agreed with them.  David K is in touch with them.

There will be a media working group meeting tonight, Thursday to approve a
press statement.  David K has offered to draft a statement.

David K. (a busy man !!) is also offering to help get the wiki and website
up to date.  Sarah and Brian offered help with getting minutes up.  Anyone
with info that needs posting should contact one of these people.

Don't forget parade 3pm Saturday; meet at camp.

See you all soon.
In peace and hope,
Deacon Dave
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