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Anthony Ashton info at technologikal.com
Sun Aug 17 17:20:57 GMT 2014

Hi David

I emailed you last Wednesday enquiring whether you were free this 
weekend to look at the initial stages of the flyer design to which you 
replied you were posting content to the email list without mentioning 
meeting up. I assumed you weren't available, I'm sorry if I got the 
wrong end of the stick. I'll see what my week is like tomorrow and call 
you to arrange details. We can discuss print spec and quotes then. 
Getting a design ready for the 2nd won't be a problem.

You can be notified by email of a response in a forum or topic by 
clicking the button 'subscribe to forum' or 'subscribe to topic' which 
is at the bottom left corner of the page.

As an aside, I sometimes don't see material sent through to the email 
list as it is buried in multiple replies. When replying you can change 
the title of the email which helps to highlight message content.

Kind regards
Anthony Ashton

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On 15/08/2014 22:02, David Garlovsky wrote:
> Dear ALL
> I have just reviewed comments about leaflet on the Forum.
> We need to finalise the content and design of the leaflet and poster 
> prior to the 2nd September SG meeting. As best we have the SG to 
> review and comment to finalise. Please contact me of your availability 
> to arrange a meeting either at my home, cafe etc. During the day or 
> evening is fine. This meeting  will also be meeting of the public 
> meeting sub-group. I am putting together a agenda and will distribute
> Do not simply use the Forum and expect me to contact you, as I do not 
> check it each day. Please write direct to my email  address.
> We need to have a draft design ready for the 2nd of September steering 
> group meeting.
> Anthony:
> I have taken two quotes and that was the cheapest. It is a local 
> printer called 221 Creative located near Kelham Island where my office 
> used to be located. I thought you were going to contact me to arrange 
> a meeting to design leaflet.
> Is there a way the forum can be set-up to notify someone there is a 
> reply in direct reply to having submitted something. Best you contact 
> me directly if you require specific information.
> David
> David Garlovsky
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> On 15 Aug 2014, at 17:52, Anthony Ashton <info at technologikal.com 
> <mailto:info at technologikal.com>> wrote:
>> Just quickly, you don't need to put the index.php bit on the end of 
>> the forum address. I know it's complicated already but without 
>> deciding on a shorter domain name there's not much apart from this I 
>> can do about it. So, just to restate that, you only need to copy in:
>> http://meersbrook.technologikal.com
>> Hopefully we can decide on a domain to go with to go on the publicity 
>> at the next Steering group meeting and I can keep this address as a 
>> forwarding address too.
>> -- 
>> Kind regards
>> Anthony Ashton
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>> On 14/08/2014 23:45, Rhiannon Thomas wrote:
>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: "Rhiannon Thomas" <rhian at eggplanet.co.uk 
>>> <mailto:rhian at eggplanet.co.uk>>
>>> Date: 14 Aug 2014 23:43
>>> Subject: Re: [meersbrook-house] Facilitators for public meeting
>>> To: "Liz" <lizziemartinez2 at yahoo.co.uk 
>>> <mailto:lizziemartinez2 at yahoo.co.uk>>
>>> Cc:
>>> Hi Liz
>>> Parks, Woodlands and Countryside are now called Parks and Countryside.
>>> Unfortunately the public meeting group hasn't been set as we are 
>>> waiting confirmation of a venue. Linda Hall is investigating 
>>> availability if St Paul's Church. The next meeting of the Steering 
>>> Group will be on Tuesday 2nd September. I have just typed up the 
>>> minutes from the last meeting but wanted to check something with 
>>> Laura before circulating.
>>> I think it might be worth adding 'local residents' to the list of 
>>> stakeholders so people know they don't have to be affiliated to a 
>>> group to be involved.
>>> Could you add the link to the forum as I think this will be promoted 
>>> for communications, rather than the email list. 
>>> http://meersbrook.technologikal.com/index.php
>>> Just some very quick thoughts before bed!
>>> Rhian
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