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 Hi all
Andy Jackson emailed me and kaktus tonight and wants something in the heeley voice re. group
I have put together this info quickly but it could be inaccurate in parts so could people let me know changes etc. 
unforts he wants it for tomorrow! no rush!
I agree laura (S) with you comments btw and we need a date for september ASAP are we any further on this?
Friends of Meersbrook Hall and the Pavilion was set up following a public meeting in June this year.  There was growing concern about what will happen to the Hall when the  Parks, Woodlands and Countryside Department move out.  There is also concern that the Pavilion won't continue to be maintained due to cuts in council budget.  The daily childrens activities that happen in the Pavilion are essential to the community.  Many people also feel that the Hall which was left in trust by the Ruskin Society to the people of Sheffield should be kept as a community building and not sold off to a private owner. 
The group at present consists of members from many of the local stake holders such as Friends of Bishops House, MPUT, HDT, MPASC, Playgroup, Governers from both the local primary schools, local enterprise and more.  Our first meeting was attended by 2 of the area councillors.  We have met a number of times now to work on strategy, a skills base and towards a Public Meeting in September to raise awareness and collect ideas.   We hope to form a group that is representative of the community and reflects what local people feel.  We will be publicising the event nearer the time, but if you have any thoughts or want to get involved please email....  

On Thursday, 14 August 2014, 10:07, Liz <lizziemartinez2 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

I could do one if you want x

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On 12 Aug 2014, at 21:30, "Laura Holmes" <laura at b4wd.org.uk> wrote:

If anyone is willing to facilitate one of the small groups at the public meeting, please could they let me know asap? Would like to get as many of us as poss together to try and nail down what the groups will be discussing and how we will approach it.
Moira and Kate, I think you have both already expressed a willingness to do this. 
Anyone else? You don’t need to be a ‘trained facilitator’ or anything, but some experience of leading or chairing meetings would definitely be a plus.

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