[Bins] Relative linking

Bettina Slottved bettina at slottved.org
Thu Jan 17 09:40:25 GMT 2008

Hej !!

Have any of you tried working with these parameters:

 <!-- If set to 1, we link the picture instead of copying it if
  possible (i.e. scaleIfSameSize is set to 0 and destination image doesn't
have to be rotated : rotateImages is set to original or
  none, or orientation is already correct). -->
  <parameter name="linkInsteadOfCopy">

  <!-- If set to 1, we use a relative path for the link if
  linkInsteadOfCopy is set to 1. -->
  <parameter name="linkRelative">

ScaleIfSameSize = 0
RotateImages = None
I run bins on Ubuntu.

I still don't get a relative link and when I upload from my test-server to
the webserver it can't make the link because they are different

I have 3.6 GB pictures that I want to create a Danish and an English
version for and having two complete trees just seems rather foolish. A
tree with links to images is "only" 500 MB so there is a lot of disk space
to save if I can make it work.


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