[Bins] iconv issue with bins 1.1.27 on solaris 10

Bill Clarke llib at computer.org
Thu Jun 16 02:23:21 BST 2005

I've installed bins 1.1.27 on a solaris 10 box, with perl 5.8.2, and all
 required CPAN packages up to date.  I'm not sure what's going on, but I
suspect it's related to iconv.  I get the following warning and error:
$ bins -v 2 in photos
Parameterless "use IO" deprecated at
/usr/local/stow/perl-5.8.2/lib/site_perl/5.8.2/HTML/Clean.pm line 4
Unsupported conversion: Invalid argument at /usr/local/bin/bins line 372.

Ignoring the deprecation warning, which has been around for quite a
while now, the error is in the Text::Iconv->new.  The problem seems to
be the result of `locale charmap` which just produces the string "646",
which Iconv doesn't like.  If I comment out the call to `locale charmap`
and the following if-block then it works (it also runs a _hell_ of a lot
faster than it used to, before I upgraded from Solaris 9).

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