[Bins] would it be easy to change image file location?

bins.10.robessee at xoxy.net bins.10.robessee at xoxy.net
Wed Jun 30 17:51:53 BST 2004


I'd like to use BINS to archive photos onto CD, it would be nice to have 
self-contained archive albums that can be navigated from any browser. 
But to make it easier to also use the image files from other 
applications, e.g. slide show programs, it would be nice if instead of 
adding a suffix to the images for the different image sizes, they were 
put into different sub-directories, e.g. lg/image1.jpg rather than 
image1_lg.jpg etc.

Before I start looking through the code, perhaps someone could guess if 
this would be an easy change to make? Would others find it useful?


rob crompton

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