[Bins] Questions to the joi template

Jérôme SAUTRET jerome at sautret.org
Sat Jan 24 13:52:23 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 03:47:21PM +0100, Bettina Slottved wrote:
> Hi !!
> I have just converted my daughter's site to the joi template. It is
> beautiful but there are some things that are not as I expected them to
> be. Mayby I am doing something wrong, then I hope that you will bear
> with me and point me in the right direction.
> 1. In the binssrc I have specifed to use the pink color scheme but it
> doesn't. Doesn't joi support different color schemes?

No, joi uses CSS instead.

> 2. I have provide a homepage in the binssrc but that doesn't work. The
> homepage element point to the current page. Is is possible to have the
> homepage element point to a specific page and not be relative? This
> would be a way to make the pictures part of the rest of the site.

Yes, you should provide an absolute URL to the homeURL parameter. For
example, in the <bins> section of the album.xml, I have :
   <parameter name="homeURL">

Yours misses the http://

> 3. I have also provided an email address in the binssrc but the email
> element is empty.

In the same way, I have 
    <parameter name="feedbackMail">
      jerome at sautret.org
And it works. Can you try it in the album.xml to see if it changes
something ? 

> 4. Via the binsedit I have specified specific pictures to be used as
> preview for the albums but it has used the first picture in the folders
> instead.

Again, here is an example : 
      <field name="sampleimage">

It is also possible to use an image that is in a sub-album :
      <field name="sampleimage">

Can you send an example of the	album.xml ?

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