[Bins] Mark images "NEW", patch included

Michael Chase-Salerno bratac at us.ibm.com
Mon Nov 17 20:22:56 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I looked around for this feature, but couldn't find any mention of it,
so here it is for your consideration. 

The attached patch adds the ability to define images as being "New".
When an image is marked as new, its name on the thumbnail page will be
preceded by "-NEW-<BR>". Here's a quick example:
http://chasal.net/album/house/index.html (at least until my next update)

This behavior is controlled by the "marknew" attribute in the image xml
file. A value of 0 indicates non-new and will not change the title, a
value of 1 indicates new and will add the text. The marknew attribute
can be set using the bins_edit --generic option, ala "bins_edit
--generic marknew=1 IMG945.JPG". A little scripting makes it fairly
simple to set all images after a certain one to new.

Its a very simple patch, only a few lines, so I'm sure this could be
made much more sophisticated, but it served my needs and I thought I
would share it with you all. The patch was created against version



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