[Bins] bins 1.1.20 + perl 5.8.0 wonkiness

Stuffed Crust pizza at shaftnet.org
Wed Apr 16 10:04:28 BST 2003

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 10:15:45AM +0100, Chris Croome wrote:
> > or is the sample binsrc file not quite valid XML?
> Isn't it?
> If it returns XML to standard out then it's valid.

Aside from not having a DTD, it's valid syntax.
..But that's largely besides the point. 

BINS is blowing up in the getConfigXML() function, on the line:

  my %configHash = %{ dclone($currentConfigHash) };

if I replace dclone() with thaw(freeze()) as the Storable perldoc page 
says is equivalent, then I get a slightly different error:

Assertion flags == 0 failed: file "Storable.xs", line 2336 at 
../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into 
../../lib/auto/Storable/_freeze.al) line 282, at ./bins line 4139

For whatever reason, the $currentConfigHash has something in it that's 
not quite sane, and Storable is barfing on it.  Now that data is 
generated by the XML parser (XML::Grove and PerlSAX) so, somewhere in 
that chain, something's breaking.  With the most obvious suspect being 
the config file iteself.

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