[Bins] Debian installation can't find details.html template file

Jérôme SAUTRET jerome at sautret.org
Tue Apr 15 15:51:29 BST 2003

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 08:36:37AM -0400, Ron Abramson wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, [iso-8859-1] Jérôme SAUTRET wrote:
> > You can also try to run bins with the -v 4 command line option, to see
> > what's happening.
> >
> Aha - I thought the max value of 'v' was 3.  Now I can see...

Yes, this is the hidden option ;-)

> Anyway, the script was expecting the templates to be in
> /etc/bins/templates.default whereas in fact the Debian installation put
> them in /etc/bins/templates.default/templates.  So, rather than butcher
> the main 'bins' script, I simply copied the default templates to the
> parent directory, /etc/bins/templates.default, and now it seems to work.
> I haven't tried joi, but I see those templates are in
> /etc/bin/templates.joi/templates.joi, so they probably have the same
> issue.  Maybe the Debian installation scripts need to be touched up.

Perhaps you should fill a bug in the Debian BTS for that.

> By the way, my server machine runs woody (Debian stable) and my
> workstation runs sid (Debian unstable).  Right now, bins is only available
> in sid.  I assume that since bins puts out static pages, I can
> generate them with my workstation and write them out to a directory on my
> server (NFS-mounted on my workstation).  Do you know of any reason why
> this shouldn't work?

You can put your static HTML tree wherever you want, even on
CD-ROM. If you plan to browse it via Apache, don't forget to copy the
.htaccess too, to get the correct encoding if your album is in UTF-8
(which is the default).

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